Bachata Workshops by Atrevidos

Bachata Workshops by Atrevidos

Sassy Wellness with Libby is excited to host Terri Ann Feliciano of Atrevidos Dance Company from Cincinatti, OH!!


Part THREE of the Trifecta Bachata Summer Series!!! 


Bachata Workshops by Atrevidos 


Lexington Athletic Club

3882 Mall Road 

Lexington, KY 40503





Empowering Your Basic

Level up your dancing with techniques designed to smooth out your basic step and turns. The class will be an introduction to focusing on weight transfers and balance in spins to build a stronger and more confident lead/follow connection in dancing.



Intention Before Action

Students will learn a turn pattern in Bachata that focuses on learning to lead with intention so that follows are better able to read the lead. Follows will also be given styling tips that will be applicable to multiple dances. 



Shadow Positions

Bachata can be danced in multiple dance positions. This class will be focused on smoothly executing the lead into shadow position and exiting out with explanation of timing and musicality changes. 



Early Bird: $45

Door: $60

    $60.00 Regular Price
    $45.00Sale Price