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About Me

Dancing has always been a safe haven for my soul for the past nine years. In 2013 I began my journey as a professional in the dance and fitness industry by becoming a Zumba instructor. I fell in love with Latin Dance and was hungry to learn as much as I could. In 2015, I began training in Latin Dance with a focus on Salsa. I even traveled to Cuba in 2017 to study Salsa, Son, and Rumba. At the same time, I created and offered several choreography/performance classes in the central Kentucky area.
As time progressed, I decided to create Sassy Wellness, a safe and inclusive space for all people from all walks of life, to experience the joy of learning Latin dance, choreography, and performance. I love to see my students shine on the dance floor and my ultimate hope is that they will be inspired either teach, perform, or choreograph as they progress in their training.
<3 Libby Cortes

About: About Me
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